Written by William Rail. Art by Illya King.

Issue 01 Page 03

The Debate

Wynonna and Scotty argue over security.Read more ›

Issue 01 Page 04

Clever Girl

Wynonna explains her ability to hide from the world.Read more ›

Issue 01 Page 05


Wynonna and Scotty get ready to leave the Solar System.Read more ›

Issue 01 Page 06


Wynonna and Scotty travel in Hyperspace.Read more ›

Issue 01 Page 07

Arming Up

Wynonna and Scotty arm up for a fight. Read more ›

Issue 01 Page 08


Wynonna and Scotty land the ship.Read more ›

Issue 01 Page 09

Under Attack

Wynonna and Scotty fight for their lives. Read more ›

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